Reunion Between a Man and a Gorilla Is Incredible [VIDEO]

Reunion Between a Man and a Gorilla Is Incredible [VIDEO]

Damian Aspinall is an English conservationist who raised a zoo-bred Lowland Gorilla, “Kwibi,” as if he was his own son. Kwibi was eventually released into the jungles of Gabon when he was just 5-years-old in 2005. After five years, Aspinall decided to track down Kwibi in 2010 and thankfully decided to record the encounter. This amazing video is the most unforgettable and heartwarming reunion between a gorilla and the man who raised him.

Aspinall says he didn’t really expect Kwibi to remember him… but what happens next is unreal.

#RE2PECT Jeter Tribute Will Remind You What It Means to Be A Legend [VIDEO]

#RE2PECT Jeter Tribute Will Remind You What It Means to Be A Legend [VIDEO]

NIKE Jordan released a new, star-studded viral hit on Monday to pay homage to Derek Jeter, one of the company’s longest sponsored professional athletes.

Titled “RE2PECT,” everyone from Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan to Jay Z and Billy Crystal show their respect by tipping their hats to the baseball legend.

Jeter became the first Jordan Brand-endorsed baseball player after signing with the company in 1999. He has 12 signature cleats to his name—more shoes than any other athlete besides Jordan.

Have you ever been inspired by an athlete like Jeter?  Who was it?

14 Yr Old Nobel Prize Nominee Got Shot In The Head By Taliban and Survived

14 Yr Old Nobel Prize Nominee Got Shot In The Head By Taliban and Survived

Shot in the head on the school bus all because she stood up for a girl’s right to education.

If you don’t know Malala, it’s about time you meet her.

She’s not only an inspiration, she’s a hero.

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Spike Jones Drops Some Serious Wisdom on Marketers [VIDEO]

Spike Jones Drops Some Serious Wisdom on Marketers [VIDEO]

When I try to explain my strategy when it comes to video marketing, I always refer people back to this video.

Spike Jones, CEO at is at the forefront of a new age in online publishing, video production and advertising.

Listen carefully, if what he says syncs in, you may have a whole new outlook on how important video marketing and engagement really is.

A Sneak Peek at Influences App – Coming to iOS This Fall

A Sneak Peek at Influences App – Coming to iOS This Fall

Whoever said, “You’re the sum of the people you spend the most time with,” was onto something.

But today, Americans spend roughly 32 hours a month on their mobile phones. If you get a phone at age 15 and live til you’re 75 that’s about 22,329 hours you spend with your phone in a lifetime.

Imagine if you spent that much time with a person. Surely they’d make an impression on you.

Most of us are heavily influenced by social media whether we realize it or not.

When you think about it, the people we spend the most time with are named Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Imagine if those apps were people…

Facebook would talk way too much about himself. Twitter would talk way too fast in short sentences spewing out headlines and top 10 lists. Pinterest would be a bit of a hoarder and we all know LinkedIn is all business, all the time.

Influences app is different. It’s the only app that understands YOU. It’s like a mentor in your pocket. Always pointing you to the best videos, introducing you to new, interesting people and inviting you to events where you’ll meet like-minded friends.

Meet Katie. Her dream is to be a creative director and build award winning marketing campaigns. She’s also really passionate about health and hopes to run the Boston marathon someday. Influences knows what makes Katie tick, so every day Influences sends her two new videos to unlock. The videos are curated just for her. Like this one, an example of a famous social media campaign that went viral.

Influences knows about Katie’s aspirations so it recommended she join the local Mud Run event in her city. She signed up and now has a whole new set of friends who invite her to fun group fitness events all the time.

Influences also introduced Katie to someone she’d never heard of – an author named Seth Godin who Katie now follows religiously. What Katie has learned after being pointed in the right direction has validated her path, given her motivation and in many ways, changed her life.

Influences app doesn’t eat up Katie’s valuable time either. It gives her just enough content for her to stay entertained and inspired.

With only a few videos available to unlock daily, Katie is anxious and excited to see her new influences.

If there’s a video Katie doesn’t like, she can send it to the trash and influences tries again til she finds something great.

Katie can *star* her favorite videos which are saved in a folder for her to find again later. She can also see who else is influenced by videos and people she likes.

So which app do you want to spend the most time with?

Unlock your full potential at and download Influences app (coming this fall to iOS).

Influences – The app that motivates you to do more, learn more and become more.

This Little Girl is Moved by the Music at Church [VIDEO]

This Little Girl is Moved by the Music at Church [VIDEO]

This little girl was inspired by what seems like church music or choir practice. The choir singing and music playing inspired her to become a maestro.

Sometimes your heart sings and makes you move from within!

#ANAdigital Marketers Shared Some Epic Videos Today. Here They Are.

#ANAdigital Marketers Shared Some Epic Videos Today. Here They Are.

Here at @InfluencesApp we believe in bringing video content to the surface – specifically videos that drive your passions. Our platform not only matches you with meaningful video content – it also connects you to thought leaders, like-minded people, events, books, digital downloads and more. Influences App inspires you to do more, learn more and BECOME more. Watch the Influences App explainer video here.

Similarly, we were inspired by like-minded people at a marketing event in California today.

We are attending the ANA Digital & Social conference in Laguna hosted by Michael Donnelly SVP of Digital at MasterCard Global.

The content strategies that some of America’s favorite brands are consistently bringing to life through innovative imagination and execution are inspiring.

Conference Trend Worth Mentioning:
Mobile, influencers and content are taking over the conversations in digital. It seems the mobile screen has become the most coveted amongst marketers.

Here are some of our favorite videos featured at ANA Digital in case you missed them or wanted to see them again.

@littlemissjacob’s favorite so far is by Equinox

The Human Condition
Bodies are different, but people really aren’t. Watch one man’s story of change.

Doritos #BoldStage Campaign SXSW

How Toms is making a difference in America.

Toms coffee?! It’s about community building. Places where people can connect are important to Toms.

Bringing the community to life with a movement. Toms created A Day Without Shoes


XBox One Invitation (6M+ views)

XBox One Reveal (7.5M+ video views)

Unvail Video (6M+ video views)


Final Test Drives

Watch them all…



Hobbit Menu

“Always Open” Campaign

Influences App is coming to the iTunes app store fall 2014. Watch our explainer video and sign up below to get on our beta.

Did we miss any videos your loved seeing at ANA Digital and Social Conference today? Tweet @influencesapp and we’ll add them!

Why Kids Should Be Encouraged to Daydream [VIDEO]

Why Kids Should Be Encouraged to Daydream [VIDEO]

I always knew it was important to daydream, but this video explains why children who are so wrapped up in social media could develop issues because of less emotional connections and less empathy.

If you have problems clearing your head, try this. It’s awesome. [VIDEO]

If you have problems clearing your head, try this. It’s awesome. [VIDEO]

I did something this morning that I’ve always wanted to try, but didn’t know how to even begin. Meditation. I’ve studied successful people and almost all of them have learned to clear their mind. Headspace started out as a book by an ex-monk. Now they’ve created an app and a website where you can start meditating ten minutes a day for ten days. I tried it this morning and it was awesome. Give it a go, you’ll thank me in 10 days. Headspace is like meditation for dummies who are about to be smarties.

Watch: Sorry, But Women Really Need To Stop Saying This

Watch: Sorry, But Women Really Need To Stop Saying This

AdWeek writes “A woman who has been called out for apologizing too much, watching Pantene’s “Not Sorry” video made me cringe. It hit too close to home, and that’s the beauty of it.

From Grey in New York, the spot poses the question, “Why are women always apologizing?” Vignettes of women who say “sorry” before making their points follow it.

By framing the ad this way, you’re in a critical mind-set when the first woman cuts her own argument down, saying, “Sorry, can I ask a stupid question?” It’s hard to watch the subsequent women do the same thing. I wanted to shout, STOP IT.

The ad then doubles back, showing the same women, but now they have the conviction and confidence to say what they mean without apologizing beforehand and their point is taken more seriously.

The hair care brand is holding up a mirror to women with the Shine Strong campaign and showing how being authoritative isn’t a bad thing. It’s a powerful message and makes sense as a follow-up to last year’s “Labels Against Women.” That spot, from the Philippines, showed how identical behavior by men and women earns them different labels in the workplace. It has been watched more than 46 million times on YouTube.”