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    We believe in you.

    Influences App is a personal development concierge for iOS. Discover people, videos, books and events based what’s meaningful to you.

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    Influences unlocks a special selection of personalized content curated just for you. It’s the only app that introduces you to new friends and thought leaders meant to inspire and motivate you towards your full potential.

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Influences is like a mentor in your pocket. It’s the app that motivates you to do more, learn more & become more by matching you with the stuff that matters most.


We want people to look back and say, “Because of Influences, I didn’t give up.”




We match you with a few awesome videos every single day. The stories we share are usually about how someone like you achieved greatness and inspired others.



Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Influences matches you with like-minded people so you can discover new heroes or become the reason for someone else's inspiration.



Get recommendations on books, audiobooks and events based on who you admire and what you aspire to become. Influences helps you find new experiences tailored to your unique passions.


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