A Sneak Peek at Influences App – Coming to iOS This Fall

Whoever said, “You’re the sum of the people you spend the most time with,” was onto something.

But today, Americans spend roughly 32 hours a month on their mobile phones. If you get a phone at age 15 and live til you’re 75 that’s about 22,329 hours you spend with your phone in a lifetime.

Imagine if you spent that much time with a person. Surely they’d make an impression on you.

Most of us are heavily influenced by social media whether we realize it or not.

When you think about it, the people we spend the most time with are named Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Imagine if those apps were people…

Facebook would talk way too much about himself. Twitter would talk way too fast in short sentences spewing out headlines and top 10 lists. Pinterest would be a bit of a hoarder and we all know LinkedIn is all business, all the time.

Influences app is different. It’s the only app that understands YOU. It’s like a mentor in your pocket. Always pointing you to the best videos, introducing you to new, interesting people and inviting you to events where you’ll meet like-minded friends.

Meet Katie. Her dream is to be a creative director and build award winning marketing campaigns. She’s also really passionate about health and hopes to run the Boston marathon someday. Influences knows what makes Katie tick, so every day Influences sends her two new videos to unlock. The videos are curated just for her. Like this one, an example of a famous social media campaign that went viral.

Influences knows about Katie’s aspirations so it recommended she join the local Mud Run event in her city. She signed up and now has a whole new set of friends who invite her to fun group fitness events all the time.

Influences also introduced Katie to someone she’d never heard of – an author named Seth Godin who Katie now follows religiously. What Katie has learned after being pointed in the right direction has validated her path, given her motivation and in many ways, changed her life.

Influences app doesn’t eat up Katie’s valuable time either. It gives her just enough content for her to stay entertained and inspired.

With only a few videos available to unlock daily, Katie is anxious and excited to see her new influences.

If there’s a video Katie doesn’t like, she can send it to the trash and influences tries again til she finds something great.

Katie can *star* her favorite videos which are saved in a folder for her to find again later. She can also see who else is influenced by videos and people she likes.

So which app do you want to spend the most time with?

Unlock your full potential at influences.com and download Influences app (coming this fall to iOS).

Influences – The app that motivates you to do more, learn more and become more.

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