A Creator Collaboration Hub

for Creators

Empowering creators to be their own manager.

A Creator Collaboration Hub

Influences for Creators

Empowering Creators to be Their Own Manager

A Creator Collaboration Hub

Influences for Creators

Empowering Creators to be Their Own Manager

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Collaboration Feature

? Creators can join a LIVE Flash Collab

Flash Collab is an invite-only, live meet-up tool for creator collaboration.

Our location-based collaboration interface enables immediate scheduling with both participants and support crew.

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Database Feature

Flash Collab is Powered by the
Influences Creator Database

A real name creator database gives a creator overview across all social platforms.

Searchable Creator Profiles

See how you measure up next to the creators in our database.

Daily Dose

Get news, curated content and expert advice.

Featured Collab Squads

Top trending creators, content and collectives.

Campaign Board

See which brands are activating campaigns and which are the top paying opportunities.

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Mentorship Feature

Creator Ninja: an expert in your pocket.

Get access to creator managers, talent agents, attorneys and publicists who can support you as you go. Only pay for the time you use with these experts.

Creator Mentor

Spend time with a creator mentor who can help you with everything from planning out content to getting verified to helping you set up a merch site.

Creator Attorney

Need a document reviewed or questions answered? Talk to a lawyer at an affordable rate as you need them.

Creator Publicist

Talk to a publicist and get on the red carpet, get support in a crisis or get articles published about yourself.

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The Founders

The Team

Founded by experts in creator development & enterprise influencer intelligence.

Ariadna Jacob
Ariadna Jacob

Ariadna Jacob

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Ariadna is a digital marketer, designer, content producer, event producer and a jack-of-all-creative. She entered the digital space in 1999 building websites and consulting with businesses on social media. She was a former talent agent for TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae and The Coffee Family.

Antonio Tambunan
Antonio Tambunan

Antonio Tambunan

Co-Founder | Chief Commercial Officer

Analyst, advisor, financier, and corporate officer. More than 20 years experience across investment banking, equity research, and early-stage investing.

Jim Sellers
Jim Sellers

Jim Sellers

Co-Founder | Chief Intelligence Officer

Jim is a serial entrepreneur and recognized innovator in AI powered business intelligence technology development. Jim has extensive experience building and leading companies, developing enterprise grade social intelligence platforms, financing businesses, and serving on private companies board of directors. Most recently Jim was the founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Tagger Media and is an advisor to a number of innovative companies.

The Founders
Advisors and Investors

Rich with Experience

Creators We've Helped Support

We’ve worked with influencers at all different capacities from event activations, legal consulting, crisis PR, brand introductions, management referrals, brand partnerships and more.


Jason Coffee

TikTok Creator
21 Million+ Fans


Canelo Alvarez

Mexican Professional Boxer
10M Million+ Fans

Influences team lead Canelo’s social strategy team, content development and celebrity collaborations with French Montana, Marshmello, Kaskade, Bad Bunny and J Balvin.


Logan Paul

YouTube Creator, Athlete, Actor
30 Million+ Fans


Bella Thorne

Celebrity, Musician, Actress30 Million+ Fans

Created Bella’s TikTok page and grew it to 1M followers with her in three months.


Heir of Atticus

TikTok Creator, Model2 Million+ Fans

Launched Gauge’s modeling career, sponsored New York trip that led to him signing to an agency and landing a Yves Saint Laurent modeling opportunity.



TikTok & YouTube Creator, Musician37 Million+ Fans

Helped QPark negotiate a substantial brand engagement, increasing the initial offer by over $100K.


Enoch True

TikTok Creator7 Million+ Fans

addison rae

Addison Rae

TikTok Creator, Actor, Musician127 Million+ Fans

Discovered Addison in Fall 2019, fascilitated Snapchat verification, negotiated first major brand partnership.

Chance Sutton

@chancesutton | Social Media Creator & Gamer, Former Team10

June 20, 2018

“Thank you for believing in me.”

Chance Sutton

3 Million+ Fans

Michael Gruen

@MichaelGruen | Co-Founder TalentX

January 20, 2020

“You’re the best. Let’s win together.”

Michael Gruen

Vice President of TalentX Entertainment

Tana Mongeau

@TanaMongeau | Social Media Star

“You are literally my mother. Like I just don’t get it. Every single time I ask you for anything you just like over-deliver.”

Tana Mongeau

10 Million+ Fans

TikTokRoom | Popular Social Media Account


July 13, 2021

“Thank you so much! You’ve been extremely sweet to us! It feels good that someone has our back! Very refreshing.”

TikTokRoom | Popular Social Media Account

2 Million + Fans

Advisors and Investors

Companies Founded by our Friends for Creators

Creator Companies We Reccomend

Stir is the financial studio for collaborating, splitting revenue, money management and metrics—all in one place. In 2020, Influences gave the Stir team access to top creators to help them create features that would best support creators.

VaynerSports is a full-service athlete representation agency that guides players through a variety of issues involving their professional career.

The Coterie is a collective of social media influencers who share similar obsessions.

Thmbl is a next-gen brand incubator that empowers the world’s most influential people to build their own brands. They do things differently with an authentic approach that overhauls the current model of brand building. ​