Influences is a full service influencer marketing agency created by traditional media buyers for the new-age of influencers.

Influences is one of the fastest growing marketing agencies specializing in influencer marketing in the country. Influences strives to provide data-driven, ROI focused, integrated marketing solutions for brands.

Influences staff of professionals contains some of the most well-respected industry experts who possess the talent and creativity to provide businesses with a more sophisticated, analytical approach to influencer marketing.

We know that influencer marketing is a completely new concept for companies so we have developed a custom, proprietary strategy to make this process as easy and effective as possible.

One of the biggest misconceptions we have seen is that brands think that if they can get an influencer to post about the brand 1 or 2 times it will have a major impact on the brand. Our experience shows that influencer marketing is similar to traditional television advertising in that consumers need to consistently see a brand in order to decide that they want to engage with that brand.

Based on this knowledge, we run the most efficient and effective influencer campaigns in the market. We pair brands with influencers that can really move the ball for the brand by creating long term, successful relationships.

Our Process

What We Do

We create branded content that conveys your brand's message in the most modern way.

We get highly sought after influencers to genuinely endorse your brand.

We skip all the traditional advertising & sales channels and help you go direct to the customer.

We drive sales, conversions, followers and awareness.



Ariadna Jacob

CEO and Founder of Influences

Ariadna is a digital marketer, designer, content producer, event producer and a jack-of-all-creative. She entered the digital space in 1999 building websites and consulting with businesses on social media.

She now possesses over 12 years of experience in the digital space working with brands like MasterCard, Lids, Brita, Nike, Aria, Red Bull, Monster, MGM, Poof-Slinky
and more.

Ariadna is an expert attention hacker and millennial marketer.

Jace Norman

Partner (Nickelodeon, Creator Edge)

Nick Crompton

Strategic Partner (Team 10)

Benji Berkeley

Strategic Partner (carrot.web)

Ben Ganz

Strategic Partner (Vego Pictures, Fox, ABC)

Hayma Washington

Strategic Partner

Christian DelGrosso

Talent Partner

Frankie Delgado

Talent Partner (MTV)

Stro Galang To

Director (Directed by Stro)

Denise Rodriguez

Activation Coordinator

Melanie Jacob

Activation Coordinator