Devin Harris


If “Hitch” & The worlds most interesting man (Dos Equis guy) had a mixed baby; you would be speaking to Bay Area Native, Devin Harris

Best known from Bachelorette Season 15. Devin Is one an all-around gentleman and renaissance man that believes “Chivalry is not dead” and that being a Gentleman is never overrated. Elegance, style, and being cultured is always important. He is the male version of Samantha Jones (Sex and the city)- “A suit & A manhattan never hurts”.

Devin’s is also worldly. While he has traveled some of Europe (living in Paris for two months and traveling around Europe for 2 more months) he still believes there is so much more of the world to see. Both Fitness & Travel are important to him.

Devin also believes that “the best things in life sometimes are on the other side of fear”, and believes in living life to the fullest.

There is nothing like traveling! Whether its hiking Manchu Pichu, partying in Croatia for yacht week, skydiving out of a plane in Ibiza or helo skiing in Canada – Devin is for it.

At 28, Devin is interested in mentoring men (both young and old) on how to act like a man & think like a gentleman. He feels that his upbringing, coupled with his life experiences & military background allow him to really see the details that men at times miss when it comes to chivalry being kept alive.

While “Hitch” taught men how to get out of their own way to find love, Devin is interested in helping men get out of their own way in order to keep love or find a partner by living life with gentlemanly ideals. Teaching men how to not just be a ladies man, but a gentleman. He is the new-aged “Hitch”

For 15 years of his life until his third year at the collegiate level Devin played football. He has also competed in physique bodybuilding & Triathlons.

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