Jay Alvarrez


Hawaiian-born, self-made Instagram star Jay Alvarrez has become the face of Aussie swimwear thanks to the latest Bonds campaign.

With more than 5.4 million Instagram followers, Alvarrez gets cosy in a pair of boardshorts on a Malibu beach while playing in the surf between shoots alongside Victoria’s Secret model and former Melbourne-local Shanina Shaik.

At 22, Alvarrez is living the dream. He made a name for himself as a thrill seeker who documents his love of extreme sport and luxury locations, getting plenty of work as a model too.

He first came to our attention as the traveling companion and partner of Instagrammer Alexis Ren – the power couple boasting about their luxury island hopping adventures between 2014-2016 when they dated. A sign of the times, both individuals were Tumblr stars before joining accounts a few years ago to become social media celebrities.

Since their split he hasn’t stopped – he’s visited Panama, Dubai, hung out on luxury boats in Ibiza, relaxed in Bali and jetted to Mexico (that’s just in the past few months). He’s always beachside, in swimwear, tanned, surrounded by bowls of fresh fruit and attractive company.

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